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Chevy Cobalt Recall Lawsuits for Ignition Injury Claims - Lawyers Handling Chevy Cobalt Injury Lawsuits Provide Free, No-Obligation Chevy Cobalt Recall Case Review

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This year alone, GM has issued Chevy ignition recalls for roughly 6 million vehicles, due to a dangerous driving condition that causes by a design defect in the ignition system. Through no fault of their own, drivers using defective Chevy Cobalts may suffer severe and fatal injuries if the key or steering column is bumped or jostled. Due to low torque in the ignition cylinder, the key can inadvertently switch from the “run” position to the “off” position while it is being driving, resulting in a loss of power to the brakes, steering, and air bags. Without brakes and steering, a collision is difficult to avoid; furthermore, passengers in the front seat are likely to suffer severe injuries without air bags to protect them. The Chevy Cobalt ignition recall applies to vehicles models years ranging from 2005 – 2010.

A trailblazing Chevy Cobalt recall lawsuit produced solid evidence that General Motors first learned of the ignition switch defect as early as 2001. Before the 2005 Chevy Cobalt was even sold at dealerships, test drivers had experienced and documented a problem with the ignition system. Chevy engineers at GM examined the defect carefully, weighed multiple design improvement proposals and the anticipated costs of an ignition switch recall, and in the end opted not to warn consumers of the defect. Almost ten years later, the Chevy Cobalt ignition recall was finally issued – but not until innocent drivers have suffered debilitating and fatal injuries. For its poor handling of the ignition switch defect and very delayed recall, GM has been the subject of federal government criminal and civil investigations, an internal probe, a $35 million fine, and multiple congressional hearings.

If you or a family member was injured in a Chevrolet Cobalt that has since been subject to an ignition recall, you may have legal grounds to file a Chevy Cobalt recall lawsuit. Chevy Cobalt injury lawsuits enables families to seek compensation for the harm, loss, and suffering caused by the Chevy ignition defect. As a result of the Cobalt's widespread ignition defect, innocent drivers who were counting on the safety features of their vehicle to keep them safe have been severely injured and been killed when their vehicle lost electrical power. Sadly, one of the most powerful ways to exert power over a large corporation is to threaten it with major litigation; filing a Cobalt injury lawsuit may be the only way for individual consumers to hold GM accountable for the safety of its vehicles. Attorneys representing clients in Chevy Cobalt ignition recall lawsuits provide a free, no-obligation case review for persons who believe they may have grounds to file a Chevy injury claim.

Chevy Cobalt Ignition Recall

Chevy Cobalt Ignition Recall
The Chevy Cobalt ignition recalls, which include all Chevy Cobalt vehicless from model years 2005 - 2010, warn customers of a significant defect in the ignition system that can lead to hazardous driving conditions and greatly increases the risk serious injuries for passengers. Attributed to low torque in the ignition key cylinder, the system can inadvertently switch from the “run” position to the “accessory” or “off” position will the vehicle is in mostion. Chevy engineers knew of the ignition problem before vehicles using the part were put on the market in 2004, but the company did not issue its first Chevy Cobalt ignition recall until 2014. This section provides full Chevy Cobalt ignition recall information, including a full list of other GM vehicles also subject to the recall and information about who can file a Chevy Cobalt ignition recall lawsuit or other ignition recall lawsuit.

Chevy Ignition Injury

Chevy Cobalt Ignition Injuries

A significant design defect found in the ignition system of Chevy Cobalt vehicles sold between 2005 and 2010 has resulted in severe and permanent injuries and deaths for Cobalt drivers and passengers throughout the nation. Due what is described as low torque in the ignition key cylinder, cars with this part can inadvertently shift from the "Run" key position to the "Off" key position while the vehicle is being driven, cutting off the power to the electrical system. Vital safety measures including the steering, brakes, and airbags, become disabled, putting drivers and passengers in harm's way. Chevy Cobalt ignition injuries may include paralysis, amputation, broken bones, internal bleeding, brain injuries, and death. This section outlines the range of Chevy Cobalt ignition injuries and provides resources for filing a Chevy Cobalt recall lawsuit.

Chevy Cobalt Injury Lawsuit

Chevy Cobalt Recall Lawsuits

Individuals and the family members of such persons who were harmed in a Chevy Cobalt that was later a part of the Chevy ignition recall may be eligible to file a Chevy Cobalt injury lawsuit to recover damages for the suffering, harm, and loss that have resulted. Though company officials were well aware of the danger posed to millions of drivers by the defective ignition parts, GM waited nearly ten years to issue the recall that could have saved and protected many lives. Throughout the country, innocent drivers unknowingly risked their lives and have sustained injuries and been killed by driving defective Chevy Cobalt cars. This section provides information about Chevy Cobalt injury lawsuits, including Chevy Cobalt recall lawsuit time limits.

Chevy Cobalt Injury Lawsuit FAQ

Chevy Cobalt Recall Lawsuit FAQs

This page ofers answers to common questions asked of lawyers handling Chevy Cobalt injury lawsuits and ignition recall claims. Read this section to find out who qualifies to file a Chevy Cobalt recall lawsuit, and learn about time limits that may apply to you. Each Chevy Cobalt recall lawsuit claim is unique; while the Chevy Cobalt recall lawsuit FAQ page provides answers to general questions, you may be left with unanswered concerns related to your individual circumstances. You may use the online contact form located at the right of your screen to receive a free Chevy lawsuit case review during which an experienced attorney will answer your questions as definitively as possible.

Chevy Ignition Injury Attorney

Chevy Cobalt Recall Lawyers

This section outlines the legal services provided by our Chevy Cobalt recall lawyers. Currently accepting claims for cars that are subject to the GM ignition recall, attorneys can be reached via our online contact form. Our attorneys work on a contingency basis for Chevy Cobalt ignition recall lawsuits, meaning there will be no fees unless we collect for you. With extensive experience advocating on behalf of individuals and families against major corporations in recall lawsuits for dangerous products and drugs, our Chevy Cobalt recall lawyers are motivated by a fierce commitment to justice. Chevy Cobalt ignition injury lawyers are providing free case reviews for persons who believe they may have grounds to file an ignition recall lawsuit.